We designed a vibrant website to promote our HTML email services that use our very own MailStrike email marketing platform

What It Is

MailStrike is White Heat Design’s own one-stop email marketing application that allows you to send custom-designed HTML emails to your subscriber and customer lists.

The system also includes a wealth of reporting features, ranging from basic open and click rates to opener locations and email client usage.

The Design

The MailStrike website uses lots of different textures to add detail and interest. Orange, grey and white are the predominant colours and a stitching effect is used throughout to help break up the content.

Feature page
Examples page

The Logo

The MailStrike logo is based on an envelope shape with a detached corner to signify an opening. The font has been kerned to ensure more equal spacing and a slight drop shadow is added to the website version to give it some depth.

MailStrike logo