About Us

Who we are. What drives us.


Designer & Developer

Though a true obsessive, Xavier has never been a grade A student. It wasn't until he discovered an industry that requires the delicate balance of aesthetic design, logical problem solving and business accumen that he developed his voracious drive and founded White Heat Design.

Well versed in multiple front and backend coding languages, as well as a healthy dose of software programs, he is the creative driving force behind all digital projects the agency undertakes.

An increasingly disappointed Manchester United fan and recently disappointed English rugby fan, Xavier is fast running out of enjoyable armchair entertainment. Karl Pilkington, however, never fails to raise a smile.


SEO & content

Joe takes a multi-disciplinary approach to online marketing. Working extensively in social media, SEO, blogging, copywriting and analytics, his focus always remains on finding the right answers to the questions of branding and growth. Creative skills with a commercial application.

Having worked in strategy consulting since 2013, he is now sharing his marketing knowledge to help make sure as many people as possible see White Heat Design’s beautifully-crafted websites.

In his spare time he likes to sit around watching movies until it gets dark outside and occasionally leaves the house to listen to podcasts.


Web Designer

Jason brings ingenuity and another fresh perspective to web design and development. He applies his skills and passions for creativity and pragmatic problem solving to all digital projects for White Heat Design.

His extensive experience with independent creative agencies gives him the vision and fluidity to flourish when it comes to meeting the diverse needs of clients - keeping their businesses competitive and ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving frontier that is the internet.

When not hunched over his laptop enjoying playing with technology all day, Jason likes to stretch himself out in nature with a spot of wild camping, fishing and hiking.

A Multi-disciplinary Agency

White Heat Design are an agency enamoured with the power of aesthetics. We aim to create beauty using both words and imagery and marry that with effective business strategy. We are a full service agency.

The House Rules

To ensure a smooth working relationship.

  1. Be realistic

    Creating and designing anything to a high standard takes time, patience and expertise. We don't take on work with overly tight deadlines or restrictive budgets as they don't allow for us to produce our best work.

  2. Be honest

    You'll never get the best out of a project if you're not honest with both yourself and your designer. We're open about everything we do and we expect the same from our clients.

  3. Collaborate

    Every project is different. Every client's expectations are different. We have to learn the ins and out of each as we go. We need you to trust us and work with us in order to achieve the best possible result.

  4. Simplify

    You know your industry and brand better than we do. In the same way we try never to use unnecessary jargon to blind you, we need you to help us understand your project as best as possible.

  5. Strive to improve

    The online world is continually evolving. You need to keep up. Don't expect us to do it all for you, but do expect us to help you understand and grow with your project.

Not convinced we're right for you?