The Power of the Browser – My Browser Breakdown (Part 3 of 3)

This is the third and final post in a series about web browsers. In the first post we looked at the differences between browsers. In the second we looked at how to customise each one and in this one I’ll be giving a complete breakdown of my browser. From the theme I use, to the plugins I run and the layout of my buttons.

The Power of the Browser – Make it Yours (Part 2 of 3)

You don’t have to be a web designer or developer….or any kind of webby to enjoy a better browsing experience. Excuse me while I cringe at using the phrase “a better browsing experience”. That makes it sound incredibly wanky. All I really mean is that most of us use a web browser every single day, normally for a good few hours.

The Power of the Browser – Choose Your Weapon (Part 1 of 3)

Your browser is your gateway to the internet. It’s the computer equivalent of a car. You use it to go everywhere and you rely on it to get you there each time. Ideally, it’ll provide you with as comfortable and pleasurable an experience as possible. This is the first of three posts on making better use of your browser and the benefits of doing so.

SEO – What is it and Why do I Need to be Aware of it?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is huge area of web design and development that people are often completely unaware of or have an extremely basic understanding of. It is such a broad and deep subject that even many designers and developers struggle to grasp certain aspects.

iPad, Will You?

With the iPad due to launch in the UK on the 28th of this month, I thought I’d give my two cents on what it is and isn’t good for, if you haven’t already read everything there is to read about it elsewhere.

Website Focus – 84 Colors

This is a new feature in our Thoughts section that I’m hoping to maintain and build on reasonably regularly. I’ve grown a bit bored of the common listicle post. You know the ones. 50 websites that use photographic backgrounds. 70 websites that use big, bold typography. 1000 websites that will increase the length of your toenails.

Why Do People Blog?

People blog for all manner of reasons. Some have something important to say and what they say is useful to others. Others have nothing important to say. And what they say is useful to nobody. The web is full of writing, good, bad and indifferent. If you own a blog or are looking to start one, finding a worthwhile reason to write consistently, with a goal in mind, however broad or narrow it may be, should be at the epicentre of it all.