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The amount of products and categories of product you need will affect how the website should be built.

Website hosting is an online service that allows you to publish your website files to the internet. There are different types of hosting and the quality can affect the success of your website. We offer private hosting, reserved exclusively for White Heat Design clients.

Over 97% of WHD client websites are hosted on our private, high-end servers. Choice of hosting greatly affects a website's security and ability to handle traffic. If you wish to host externally please ensure you pick a reputable provider and hosting plan as no matter how good the website, we cannot be responsible for poor hosting.

A domain name (such as is how people will find your website. If it is important that your business can be found easily in search engines, it is important to carefully consider your domain name.

A professional logo is the lynchpin of your brand. It should be original, memorable, flexible and work well at a range of sizes. Please be aware that much of the design of your website will take its lead from your logo, so it should be designed with purpose. If you plan for longevity and a cohesive, uniform brand, start here.

Please note, while we understand that it's not always possible to hire a professional logo/graphic designer (especially for new businesses/startups), if your logo is particularly poor quality we may suggest that it needs to be re-designed in order to realistically be used on the website.

High quality imagery is by far the biggest factor in differentiating average, forgettable websites and amazing websites that offer an experience. This is an area many people assume they can save money, choosing instead to take their own photos. We cannot stress enough the importance of professional imagery and the impact it can have on your website.

Please note, without specific assets we are unable to design your website. If you need help sourcing high quality images please contact us to discuss.

After photography, written content is next biggest contributing factor that distinguishes professional and amateur websites. It's the written content that search engines take into account when deciding on search engine ranking positions (SERPs). If having a strong search engine presence is important for your business, investing in professional, SEO-friendly content is a must.

If you are providing your own content, we will need it organised into folders - one folder with text and image content per page. If you are concerned about SEO you will need to ensure there is a sufficient amount of content on your key landing pages. Aim for a minimum of 300 words per page you wish to rank.

Please note, without specific assets we are unable to design your website. If you need help getting your content created please contact us to discuss.

The amount of pages your website needs depends on a number of things. For simple, brochure-style websites most businesses can get away with between 5-10 pages. However, larger or more complex businesses that offer a range of products and services are likely to need many more.

Creating a professional, polished website takes time. And as you might expect, the tighter the deadline the more the project is likely to cost. We will never ship a half finished product so if your deadlines are too tight, we may unfortunately have to pass on the project.

We understand that it can be difficult to know how much to set aside for a new website project. However, in order to assess whether we can commit to this project we need to have an honest idea of your budget.