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It’s a new year and we’ve started by cleaning our slate. You’re looking at the fourth iteration of the White Heat Design website and after months of work we’re happy to finally release it into the wilds of the interwebs.

Cleaning up

For this version of the site we’ve updated our branding for a clearer, lighter and more minimal feel. We think the design better reflects our name, the services we offer and simultaneously allows us greater control over the content. There are more options for different designs and layouts throughout the site than ever before, so look out for some highly custom content in the near future.

Behind the white, pink and grey the entire codebase has been re-written and near enough everything runs off our insanely customised CMS, making refreshing or adding new content a cinch. Hopefully, it’s also now more future-proofed and our next re-design won’t be quite so painstaking.

We’re not quite up to date on adding all of our latest case studies to the portfolio but will be adding more as time permits.

Expanding Services

You may also notice we’ve  updated our list of services. Web design is just one aspect of digital marketing and, although it’s a large one, more often than not you need more than just a great website to run a successful, sustainable business. The new services better represent the work we do day to day and the options available to you. Take a look and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to chat to us about.

That’s about it! In the meantime, have a snoop and if we’ve piqued your interest add yourself to our mailing list for infrequent news updates, tips, tricks and special offers.

Happy 2016!

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