2010 Recap and Plans For 2011

So 2011 has begun and I’m feeling increasing pressure to lay down some resolutions and/or plans for rest of the year. First off, a recap of last year. In 2010 I explored a lot of new and exciting avenues. I created my first ecommerce website, designed Christmas cards with spot UVs, pop-up mailers, posters at various sizes, developed my own admin system and stepped up a gear with my new email marketing system (more to come from that this year).

Since launching version 2 of the WHD website (in February 2010) and starting blogging for the first time (consistently), I’ve written 16 posts and tried to cover as many different topics as possible in an attempt to find out what I enjoy writing about the most.

That doesn’t sound like a lot of posts for 11 months, but my initial goal was to hit one per month as a minimum. Kind of easing into it. So I’m happy with 16. Combined, those posts equal nearly 17k words. Now, over 1k words per post is probably a little excessive and maybe contributes to the reason I don’t post more often. So resolution number 1 – write more short posts.

Now for the rest.

Continue to explore different styles of post

Variety is the spice of life. So it’s probably a good idea to keep trying to write different styles of posts. Image heavy, list heavy, short, long, code snippets, software tutorials….whatever. Just keep mixing it up. Nobody wants to read the same type of post over and over and it can only be good for me to get that experience.

Continue to explore different subject matter

Being so young to the blogging world, it’s probably a good idea to try and touch on a range of different subjects. While this section of the site is generally aimed at issues in and around the world of web design, there are plenty of other areas to explore.

Make use of my newly built admin system

For nearly 3 years now, I’ve been managing my clients, contacts and projects through Excel documents, Word docs, Textpad files, notes apps and various other unsuitable applications. A ten day holiday (plus nights!) over the Xmas period provided me with the perfect opportunity to finally build a system to manage it all…exactly the way I want. The system wiill function as a CRM, a project management tool and a knowledgebase. In theory ;). Now all I have to do is make sure I use it.

Exciting times

So that’s what I’m after this year. If it can be at least as productive as 2010, things are looking peachy.

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