Level Up: Meet Our New Partner

Level Up: Meet Our New Business Partner

After more than 7 years attempting to play the part of web designer, developer, marketer, accountant and countless other roles by myself, I’m delighted to finally introduce White Heat Design’s first partner. And it’s a good ‘un.

Meet Joe.Joe Towner

Joe Towner is an experienced content strategist and digital marketer who will be working with WHD in an advisory role to help our clients better promote their website content and improve their search engine optimisation. While our SEO track record at White Heat Design is something I’m quite proud of, I also recognise the growing importance and complexity of it. As the majority of my day is spent developing websites and working on other companies’ brands, I feel it’s important the marketing side of things (SEO in particular) don’t get left behind. What better way than to partner with someone who can actively push them forward.

Joe’s skillset as a strategist perfectly complements mine as a builder, and with a friendship that dates back over 20 years I don’t expect communication to be an issue. Keeping WHD honest and operating at its peak is critical, so my first strategic partner needed to be someone I could trust to maintain those levels, as well as to help me grow as a professional. In joining forces with Joe, WHD has put itself in an excellent position to offer more than it ever has before. Better still, we are just getting started. Plans are already afoot for new tools and offerings to help our clients in new and unique ways. Expect more blog posts.

Having recently gone full-time with WHD this is an exciting time for me personally, and having a close friend on board to help take WHD to the next level has just intensified that. As an added bonus, it also means I can finally refer to the royal “we” without feeling like a fraud. Huzzah!

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