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Welcome to White Heat Design V2, the first re-design of the White Heat Design website since it went live in April 2008. First thing I’m going to do is introduce the acronym ‘WHD’ to replace the words White Heat Design. Takes far too long to type!

So, we loved our old website, (which you can still access here) but it was time for a change. Well, more of an upgrade really. The old site did it’s job well enough, housing all of our portfolio work and gaining a few plaudits along the way – including being featured on over 50 web design and CSS galleries (CSS is the modern language used to style websites). Not bad for our first CSS website.

However, we simply grew too big to keep using our old platform, which required a lot of manual labour just to add a few updates here and there. We’ve now moved to a Content Managed Platform using WordPress, which we’ve completely fallen in love with. It allows us to add/edit/re-arrange content incredibly quickly and has a ton of addons and plugins to extend the functionality of the entire site.

What will I find on the new version of WHD?

We’ve updated our portfolio to include most of our recent work. We’ve broken it down into 3 sections – Web design, Identity solutions and HTML emails, as these are the core services that we now focus on. It can all be found on the Portfolio page…as you might expect. From this page you’ll be able to see the most recent work we’ve done, but you can also follow the links to see more of the work we’ve completed in each area.

We’ve also introduced a new blog area titled ‘Thoughts’, where you’ll be able to read about our take on all things design and web-related. A rather broad category I know, but it’s our first blog so it’s going to take some time for us to get used to using it. Join us on the journey and keep up to date with how it goes by subscribing to our RSS feed (another new feature) if you like. If you aren’t sure how RSS feeds work, have a quick skim over this basic explanation. We’re open to a bit of chit chat about the things we write about, so you’ll find a commenting section at the bottom of each post. Play nice now.

To keep our skills sharp and up to date, we thought it would be a good idea to set up a little play area where we can experiment and try out some funky designs and projects that aren’t direct client work. That’s why there is an area at the bottom of each page with a link to our Photoshop playground – Play Corner. The only time you won’t see that Play Corner link is when you are in Play Corner itself, where it is replaced by our Flickr feed in case you’re interested in where we’ve been recently. You probably aren’t :)

Amongst a ton of other little things, we’ve added a Twitter stream, search functionality, testimonials from our happy and awesome clients and a brand new FAQs section. We are really keen on the FAQs idea as, over time, it should prove to be a good point of reference for all potential and even existing clients.

Thanks for managing to get to the end of our first post without switching off, and welcome to White Heat Design V2 :D

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