The Small Business Marketing Guide

Marketing a local business in the digital age is more competitive than ever before. It requires knowledge of SEO, website design, social media and an array of other online channels and skills. It may seem daunting, but fortunately in the information age there are also more resources at your fingertips than ever before. Here we gather an essential list of guides and tools to help any local business prosper online.


Chapter 1

How to Establish Credibility With Your Website

Trust is a crucial part of the decision-making process for customers choosing a business. Your website is your chance to communicate your reliability and high standards of service. Getting this right is the difference between someone clicking 'contact us' and closing the page.

Local SEO

Chapter 2

How to Use Local SEO to Boost Enquiries

SEO can be a divisive topic – but ultimately it’s quite simple. It’s a fantastic source of referrals for businesses of all sizes, particularly local ones. These guides give you an easy way to understand SEO, its implementations and benefits.

Social Media

Chapter 3

How to Use Social Media to Reach Your Customers

Not everyone is fan of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but they can be fantastic tools to interact with customers. Either to promote your brand and services or to respond to customer feedback.


Chapter 4

How to Ensure Online Reviews Reflect Well on Your Brand

Word-of-mouth is no longer confined to conversations down the pub. Good or bad online reviews can make or break a business’ reputation. Learn how to both manage negative reviews and increase the number of positive ones.


Chapter 5

Developing a Brand that Keeps Customers Coming Back

There is an overwhelming choice online – potential customers may easily find 10 or 15 businesses in their local area offering the same service. Brand recognition can be the deciding factor in them choosing you over a competitor.


Chapter 6

Budgeting For Cost-effective Marketing

It can be tricky to figure out just how much you need to spend online to put together an effective marketing strategy. SEO costs, social media, paid ads, building a website, getting the balance right is key. These guides will help you figure out to calculate a winning strategy.

Email Marketing

Chapter 7

The Importance of Email Marketing

The one thing that unites everyone on the internet is having an email address. From teenager to grandparent, email is a necessity for online activity. That’s what makes it such powerful tool for growth and for retaining customers.

Case Studies

Chapter 8

Inspiring Case Studies

The case studies below all show what can happen when you get online marketing right. Hopefully they inspire you to start evolving or revolutionising your digital marketing strategy.

Case Studies

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