What is CSS3?

Please note: all information articles are guidelines only. They are purely for reference purposes and may be changed or updated over time.

CSS (cascading stylesheets) is a styling language used to describe the presentation of web content. It’s what gives everything from text colours, to image positioning and beyond.

CSS3 is the most current version of the language and has widespread support in all modern browsers. While not every browser supports every element of the ever-evolving language, the majority include support for a large percentage of the specification. And every major browser release increases that percentage.

Some advantages of CSS3

  • Performance – Using CSS3 over older CSS attributes can hugely improve website performance due to decreased filesizes and a reduction in HTTP requests.
  • Selectors and targetting – Where before one might have had to write some javascript of other form of code to target certain elements of a webpage, you can now use pseudo elements and selectors. This is both more efficient and easier for developers.
  • Animations and effects – Although CSS3 can’t entirely replace Flash technology (yet) it does a good job of introducing some subtle and aesthetically pleasing effects on otherwise static websites. Effects such as fading, rotating and toggling can all be achieved with CSS3, along with a host of other effects when correctly combined.
  • Many more