How long will it take to build my website?

Please note: all information articles are guidelines only. They are purely for reference purposes and may be changed or updated over time.

This largely depends on the type of project it is and to some degree how strict your deadlines are. We generally do not take on projects that have fixed and very strict deadlines as we do not believe this should determine how we work. Of course we will always endeavour to complete projects as quickly as possible for you, but not at the expense of our work and your website. We work to the project, not the timescale.

Some common causes of delay in the build of a new website include:

  • Waiting on content (text, images, info etc) from the client.
  • Design decisions that impact the rest of the build (from client or designer)
  • Scope creep (from client or designer)

As a rough estimate, a website from our Starter Package can be reasonably expected to take somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks, depending on whether the content has been prepared and if solid design decisions have been made.

A website that falls under our Pro Package is likely to take at least 2 months due to their inherent complexity and the standard of finish we always aim for.

Projects with no rigid deadlines always result in more polished products and the more creative control we are entrusted with, the more professional and unique your website will be in the end.