Common website pitfalls

10 Common Pitfalls of Setting Up a New Website

Having a new website built is an exciting experience. You momentarily become the author of your destiny. You have the opportunity to shape your immediate future and put in place the plans you’ve had running through your mind for weeks, months or even years. But it also comes with a wealth of potential pitfalls and problems.

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A Fresh New Look For WHD – Version 4

It’s a new year and we’ve started by cleaning our slate. You’re looking at the fourth iteration of the White Heat Design website and after months of work we’re happy to finally release it into the wilds of the interwebs.

Why Your Web Designer Should Be Your Best Friend

When it comes to something as important as your website, you want nothing but a healthy relationship with your designer. There are already too many ways in which your website can go wrong and being bottom of your designer’s priority list is the last thing you need.

SEO – What is it and Why do I Need to be Aware of it?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is huge area of web design and development that people are often completely unaware of or have an extremely basic understanding of. It is such a broad and deep subject that even many designers and developers struggle to grasp certain aspects.