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Live Urban Love Rural is an online magazine designed for people who live in London, but are after that little something extra that only rural life can offer

How It Happened

Rachel came to us with the idea for her website in April 2011 and we were taken by it instantly. With so many websites dedicated to events in and around London, we loved the idea that this one would aim to tackle quite a specific demographic.

Rachel is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all things arts, craft and country. We were impressed with her passion for the project and knew we had to take it on.

Live Urban Love Rural
LULR butterfly

The Brief

The LULR website would need 6 channels to categorise Rachel’s content, as well as the ability to organise each article using tags. Rachel was also very keen to have an events calendar where users could see what was going on in London month by month.

As the website’s popularity would initially be measured almost solely on the amount of traffic it receives, we were keen to work with Rachel on the social media aspects of it. We set up Twitter and Facebook accounts to offer readers plenty of ways to keep up with her regular content and designed them to complement the website.

The Result

Category page
Single article
Calendar layout
Calendar list
LULR Twitter background

With this website we wanted a quirky and charming feel, without over-cluttering it or being too twee. It needed to be obvious what it was about, but readability and legibility were key. To achieve this we went with light canvas background and added some stitching elements to different areas to give the idea of arts and craft, without going overboard.

As LULR is predominantly aimed at women between the ages of 22 – 35, we settled on 3 different shades of pink accent throughout the site and incorporated a pink butterfly in the footer to enforce the rural element also portrayed in the logo.

“Xavier put his heart into my project. More often that not I refer to it as ‘our’ project, as the whole process, from concept to design to launch was and will remain a partnership. It was important to me that whoever designed my website had to understand the core idea and the meaning behind what I wanted to do. Xavier understood this instantly; he brought my ideas to life and was instrumental in creating the LULR brand. Throughout the design process, Xavier listened to everything I wanted, and showed utmost professionalism when suggesting that some ideas might not work as well as I had thought!

Xavier’s knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm when it comes to web design combined with his creativity is a rare commodity. But what has impressed me possibly even more is his support during and ever since the launch of the site. For me, building a social media presence is very important, and Xavier is always there to answer my questions or give me useful Twitter tips. The response I’ve had to the site so far has been amazing. Everyone comments on the clean, fresh, beautiful design, and all agree that the site is very easy to navigate. And the main thing is, I love it!

I couldn’t have done it without him – it’s as simple as that.”

— Rachel has since gone on to become the Editor of Brand Republic —