Move For Life

Directory-based charity website for young people in London

Web Design

We helped this charity organisation set up a website to help combat knife and gun crime among London's youth

What It Is

Move For Life is an umbrella charity organisation initiated by entrepreneur Gary Halkyard. Its purpose is to draw together similar charities and organisations and to work as one to create a bigger impact on combatting anti-social behaviour and eliminating knife and gun crime in London.

One of the first points of call for the charity was to set up a front-facing website that contained not just information about the charity, but also a directory of activties that London’s youth can get involved with.

The Brief

The Move For Life website would need to be built to cater to two audiences. Firstly it would need to contain all the information for charities and similar organisations to decide if they want to work together with Move For Life. Secondly, it would need to be simple, quick to use and neatly organised so that people looking for activites in a specific area could get to the information they wanted fast.

With the continued upward trend in mobile browsing, naturally we also wanted the site to be responsive and work well on mobile devices.

The Result

Charity listings

What we came up with was a website that can be fully managed by Gary and his team and is simple for users to navigate. It adapts to different mobile devices to offer a better experience and also allows people to submit an entry request to the Move For Life team for directory membership.

Mobile ready