Moodboard Tool – Problem Solved

For literally years I’ve been playing with different tools for bookmarking and moodboarding. I’ve tried pretty much everything going – Imagespark, Delicious, Diigo, Pinterest, Zootool, Evernote and the rest.

Finally! I have a solution to a long term and quite frustrating problem. Part of my web design process when working with a client is to look for sites that inspire the client. Sometimes they want to see the kind of thing that can be done. Sometimes they want to see colour combinations. Sometimes they just want some ideas. Previously I’d have to dig out my bookmarks from somewhere like Delicious or Diigo and filter through them by what I think it is they want to see. Both are good enough at keeping my content organised. But both also lack that visual impact that’s necessary for the early stages of client interaction.

I took my frustrations online via Twitter. And luckily so. What I got was a reply from Nick Cernis about a service I remember hearing about a while back, but didn’t fully investigate for whatever reason.

Turned out, it was the perfect solution. Yay! Social media is useful.

Enter Gimme Bar

Gimme Bar allows you to create collections of bookmarks. Crucially, the javascript bookmarklet allows you to take entire screenshots. This is key for me. When I’m showing clients websites for inspiration, it’s useful to be able to see a whole moodboard of similarly styled or coloured sites.

Gimmer Bar collections

You can add descriptions for each item you save and make it public or private. The only thing missing for me is tags. Collections are great but I’d like to be able to organise my bookmarks a little deeper. For instance, I’d like to be able to mark a particular screenshot as both ‘e-commerce’ and ‘blue’ without needing to add it to two collections. Still, it’s a fantastic free service (free for now at least).

A single collection

Now, even if I don’t know what type of site a given client is likely to want to talk about going into a meeting, as long as I’ve spent a bit of time organising my Gimme Bar account, I’ll always have something relevant to show them.

Long term problem solved. Cheers @NickCernis

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