Content Marketing Strategy

Why You Need a Content Marketing Strategy

Today’s post looks at what a “content marketing strategy” is and why it’s essential to every business with an online presence. As technology advances and more and more options pop up for self-promotion, high quality content remains one of the few elements that can’t be automated.

Google local listing changes

Pay to Play – Google Plans Local Search Change

Last August, Google shook up their “local pack” results by reducing them from 7 down to 3. The “local pack” is what the search marketing industry calls the three local results that appear above the ordinary Google search rankings.

Common website pitfalls

10 Common Pitfalls of Setting Up a New Website

Having a new website built is an exciting experience. You momentarily become the author of your destiny. You have the opportunity to shape your immediate future and put in place the plans you’ve had running through your mind for weeks, months or even years. But it also comes with a wealth of potential pitfalls and problems.

Prince Tribute

Prince – A Small Tribute

On Thursday we lost an icon. A musician that transcended his profession. A man so unique he didn’t even need a name. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince leaves behind a life and career so vibrant and ubiquitous within his industry, it’s hard to imagine him not making music.

Free Business Guides

Introducing Our Free Guides For Small Businesses

There is so much content on the web that finding reliable, trustworthy and accurate information can be difficult. Starting out as a small business is hard enough, so we’re releasing our own free business guides for small business owners.

Building Safer Websites With SSL

This month marks an important milestone in the evolution of our web design business. From February onwards, we’ll be building all websites exclusively using the SSL protocol. This post will explain what SSL is (briefly) and why we believe all websites should be using it, without exception.

White Heat Design Thoughts | Blog

A Fresh New Look For WHD – Version 4

It’s a new year and we’ve started by cleaning our slate. You’re looking at the fourth iteration of the White Heat Design website and after months of work we’re happy to finally release it into the wilds of the interwebs.