Why Do People Blog?

People blog for all manner of reasons. Some have something important to say and what they say is useful to others. Others have nothing important to say. And what they say is useful to nobody. The web is full of writing, good, bad and indifferent. If you own a blog or are looking to start one, finding a worthwhile reason to write consistently, with a goal in mind, however broad or narrow it may be, should be at the epicentre of it all.

What is Social Media?

Social media is the concept of interacting with others through various forms of online technologies. This can be through commenting on a blog, sharing photos, sharing videos and a whole range of other approaches.

WHD Paper Style Logo

This was our first logo created using a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop. We were aiming for a sort of cutout, layered look using gradients and drop-shadows.

Image of match burning

Welcome to WHD V2

Welcome to White Heat Design V2, the first re-design of the White Heat Design website since it went live in April 2008. First thing I’m going to do is introduce the acronym ‘WHD’ to replace the words White Heat Design. Takes far too long to type!